New Year, New Goals, New Demo

It's been way too long since I've given you guys an update, and you deserve an explanation (assuming that you even cared in the first place).

When Covid restrictions hit a while back, I thought it was going to be a wonderful excuse to stay inside and develop Haven. But then things happened. My girlfriend gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Then not long after that, I took the plunge and set myself on a new career path. With a new job, and a new baby boy, Haven had to take a back seat.

Thankfully, it didn't take too long to adjust to this new lifestyle. Which means I've been able to finally resume working on Haven for more than just a few minutes at a time.

I'm happy to say that I've ported my game to RPG Maker MZ, which was a very tough transition to make under the circumstances. But man oh man, was it ever worth it.

Anyway, now that my motivation has kicked back in, I think it's safe to put "Finsh Haven" at the top of my small list of New Years Resolutions. And to kick off the New Year with you guys, I have a new and improved demo! (I know, I know... ANOTHER one?🙄 )

Here are some notable changes between the MZ and MV version:
- Much better performance overall. Frame rates are much more consistent.
- Several UI changes to display more information with less clutter.
- An extended demo.
- A new card game! (Fans of Triple Triad will love this)
- Sound/Music overhaul. This is a change that, admittedly, might annoy some people. But I really wanted more authentic SNES era sounds and music.
- Battle Grade system where bonus EXP is awarded based on your performance in battle.
- Diagonal Movement.
- Better, more customized AoE targeting.
- Much much more!

With that said, thank you all for the continued support! I'll be sure to keep the updates more frequent this year.

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this is amazing. carry through man!

I think a lot of us have had some difficulty navigating the state of things as a result of COVID; congrats on the family, getting back into the game, and the port to MZ! I have no excuse now but to try it out now, and I'll see to giving the MacOS version some mileage ;) Here's to a good 2022!

so happy to hear you started to work on this again! if you ever want/need an italian localization, I’m volunteering! So feel free to reach out!! (I’m a translator looking for videogame localization experience)

Seriously!? I think this is something I'd be interested in.

yeah I'm serious! can I email you or find you on twitter? my twitter handle is @ cer_mir

what was your biggest challenge when porting to MV?

That's a really good question... Because pretty much all the challenges went from excruciating, to borderline non-existent as more MZ updates and plugins came out. As for the biggest challenge? It was dealing with the lack of the MV Animations Editor. But as of MZ 4.0, that's no longer an issue.

Another challenge I thought would be tough to overcome is the Visustella plugin obfuscation, seeing as how I use quite a few of them. I can honestly say that there hasn't been very many conflicts between non-Visustella plugins (for me). The few that have popped up have been fairly easy to solve. And my custom plugins have all been working wonderfully. 

Overall, the transition has made my workflow much more efficient. I'm also able to implement the features that I've always wanted, which weren't previously available.

hi :) yes life comes before games  and good new to see you'll continue :)


Thank you so much for your support! I have a very good feeling about the speed of Haven's development this year.