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Developer's Note

When I play classic JRPGs from the 90's, the overwhelming nostalgia I get makes me wish that I could erase my memory of those games just so I could get that fresh experience . That nostalgia is a constant source of motivation for Haven: Secret of Caledria.

My goal is to create a classic JRPG experience that's palatable to a modern, older audience. As someone with a full-time job and a family, I realize that old-school JRPG fans don't have a lot of time to sink into a 20+ hour game. So this game will be for those who can enjoy a somewhat linear game with familiar gameplay and features inspired by classics like Lufia, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Chrono Trigger.


A raid on the region of Olund comes to a halt when Ziedrick, Captain of the Caledrian army, finds out that he was manipulated by Emperor Rofel to lead the attack. His decision to spare the lives of the Olund rebels sets a plan in motion that ushers in an age of peace. Five years later, Ziedrick would pass away, leaving his son Oswyn to carry on his legacy.

In an attempt to live up to his father's image, Oswyn quickly rose among the ranks of the Caledrian Army. But with the war coming to a close, he begins to feel a lack of purpose and questions whether or not he should carve his own path to find himself.


On-Map Encounters

  • Encounter enemies through direct contact while moving in hostile areas. Specific effects will be triggered based on the direction the enemy is facing when approached.

Target Enemies based on Area of Effect

  • Use your Arts to target enemies in a row, column, or radius.

Unleash Special Attacks

  • Build your Morale and defeat your enemies using attacks that are unique to each party member.

Capture and use Monster abilities in battle!

  • Assign specific monster abilities to your party members and use them in battle.

Build up a Village to Unlock Secrets (Not in Demo)

  • Gain new abilities and hidden items as you grow your base of operations.

Embark on various Sidequests

  • Explore the world of Caledria to unlock hidden locations, characters, items, and more.


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Firstly I must say this game has bopping music. For the length I have played, the story was quite engaging. The gameplay follows the same style as a turn based rpg but still adds some new mechanics like the EP instead of MP which can be recovered by guarding. I think the difficulty of the game is quite manageable although I died almost not close to the end of the demo :| I enjoy for how long I've played and can't wait to see more :D!


Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. Let me also say that I appreciate your dedication to playing RM games. Every little bit helps.

This game was super fun. I strongly recommend it to everyone looking at this game!

Looks interesting, love the song for the gameplay montage, can't actually try it though b/c I'm on a MacBook :(

Gorgeous art style and very nice battle mechanics!


Thank you so much for the comment! I'm still working very hard on this. :)

This project seems like a lot of fun to play. 

Do you have any plans to bring your game to Playstation?  It’d be a day 1 purchase for me. 

Sorry for the late response! 

No plans to bring it over. But anything is possible. My main concern with porting the game over to different platforms is quality assurance. I'm not confident that this game would work well on a console. Thanks for your support!

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i love the story it makes me want to play more :) 

old looking graphics are good too , like you wrote up  it's like being back in the  90's for those of us who were teenagers back then.

great game :)

Thank you so much! I believe you left some feedback on the survey as well. Your feedback was great, and I'll be taking a second look at elemental affinities.

yes i did a feedback :) i think those are important for games :)

spanish version pls!


portuguese version PLZZZZZZZZ

So sad this isn't available for Mac. It looks amazing!

Honestly, this is pure laziness on my part. I never really took the time to dig into exporting to Mac. If it were as simple as clicking a button, I'd do it. But from what I'm told, it's not that easy unless you're developing on a Mac version of the software I'm using. I'll definitely make it a goal of mine to figure it out though. Thanks for your interest!

Best RPG Maker game I've ever played

Wow... Thank you! These kind of comments are always so motivating.

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Love this game! My completionism is very happy with side quests.

I did notice that in the nova ring shooter game, sometimes it would continue the game after the timer stopped, and I had to restart the game from a save point. 

I got so close to the 15 hits! But I could only manage 14. Any tips?


That's a really interesting bug. Thanks for the heads up! Super glad you enjoyed it. As for tips on the mini-game? Try not to travel too far between targets. :)

This game looks cool. Any chance for a Mac release?


Thank you! You're the first to ask for a Mac release, actually. The final product should definitely be available for Mac. Just not sure about recent demos, because I'm still updating them.



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Great game!!! Just right. When are you releasing the full game???


Thank you so much for the feedback! I've been very busy as of late. But I'm hoping to release the game by mid-2021. 


Sounds great. I would rather it take longer and you work all the kinks and bugs out than rush it. Thanks for getting back to us!


i used the itch random game to find this

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Deleted 1 year ago

Quality game that gets better every iteration.  This ones gonna be special.


Fantastic Demo. Everything about this game was top notch. The style was consistent throughout, and definitely evoked the retro vibe you were aiming for. The story unfolded nicely. The characters had depth and potential for some solid development. The battles were simple, but balanced and still required strategy. Solid, all the way through. I highly recommend this one. I'm looking forward to playing the full version one day.


Really enjoyed playing the demo...can't wait for the full game! 


Glad to hear it! Also, I really appreciate the comment. Thanks!


Great classic feeling RPG! The immersive story and outstanding character development kept me very interested! The battle system and equipment are not complicated. No sharp learning curve. My biggest complaint is that it isn't long enough! Keep up the great work!

como se descargan los juegos desde este tipo de pagina

El juego se está actualizando. No hay descarga disponible en este momento. Lo siento.

It is wonderful RPG!

Who made your title theme?


A pixel artist who goes by the name of ConkerMich. His website is linked HERE. He works fast and is great with responding to messages.

Oh I was meaning to say who made your title music lol my bad.

That's more my fault for misunderstanding. lol. A lot of the music in the game (including the title theme) is made by Phil Hamilton. He has some game soundtracks for sale HERE.

Can his songs be used for commercial games?

Only one of the soundtracks. It can be purchased at the RPGMakerweb store.

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Great game so far - it does crash occasionally, but I'm not sure exactly why. 

Glad you enjoyed it! I believe I've found the cause of the crashing issue. There was a memory leak due to some faulty code. Should be fixed with a new version tomorrow. Thanks!


Great. :) Too bad the demo is so short. :) I can't wait until you release the full game. :)