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*Demo updated as of 20-05-2018


Enter the life of Oswyn as he sets out to investigate a deep conspiracy. Meanwhile, his homeland is falling into political turmoil, and he must find his way out of compromising dilemmas that will shape the future of an entire civilization.


Standard Turn Battle
Inspiration: Turn Order Mechanic from Super Mario RPG & FFX Turn Order Bar

  • Battlers will act immediately after their command is chosen, allowing for a more strategic approach to combat. There is also a visible Turn Order Bar.

Skill Leveling
Inspiration: Grandia

  • Each of the Actor's unique skills will have their own proficiency level that can be increased when used. After raising the proficiency to a specific level, a new and more powerful version of that skill will be gained.

Combo Skills
Inspiration: Suikoden

  • Unleash cooperative attacks from two or more members of your party.

Godstones System
Inspiration: Espers from FFVI

  • Equip elemental stones to grant battlers the ability to cast spells. Spells can be learned based on points acquired while specific Godstones are equipped.

On-Map Enemies
Inspiration: On-map enemies from Earthbound

  • Encounter enemies through direct contact while moving in hostile areas. Specific effects will be triggered based on the direction the enemy is engaged from.

Poach and Trade
Inspiration: Trade Shops from Suikoden II & Poaching from FFT

  • Monsters do not drop gold. Instead, unique items are dropped which can be sold to NPCs at a higher price than standard shops. Trades can also be made. Items gained from poaching will have different values based on location and/or the NPC you're trading with.

Task Log
Inspiration: Quest Log from The Elder Scrolls games

  • Separate your Main Quests from your Side Quests for easy tracking. 

Party Chat
Inspiration: Camping from Breath of Fire III

  • Dive into character backgrounds with optional dialogue that's accessible from the World Map. Doing this will yield various rewards such as skills, items, and other tasks.


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It is wonderful RPG!

Who made your title theme?

A pixel artist who goes by the name of ConkerMich. His website is linked HERE. He works fast and is great with responding to messages.

Oh I was meaning to say who made your title music lol my bad.

That's more my fault for misunderstanding. lol. A lot of the music in the game (including the title theme) is made by Phil Hamilton. He has some game soundtracks for sale HERE.

Can his songs be used for commercial games?

Only one of the soundtracks. It can be purchased at the RPGMakerweb store.

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Great game so far - it does crash occasionally, but I'm not sure exactly why. 

Glad you enjoyed it! I believe I've found the cause of the crashing issue. There was a memory leak due to some faulty code. Should be fixed with a new version tomorrow. Thanks!

Great. :) Too bad the demo is so short. :) I can't wait until you release the full game. :)