We're up to version 1.0.0!

What's going on everyone! Today I'm INCREDIBLY excited to upload what I believe will be the last major update to the demo. Bugfixes are inevitable, but I can't see myself adding any new content to future Demo releases. This is it!

This demo now features something I've been wanting to make since before I even got into game development; a Card-based battle system.

Initially, I was waiting for a Triple Triad mini-game plugin to be developed for RPG Maker. Then I realized that using this would make my game a lot less original since pretty much everyone would want to put it in their game.

So... I decided to go through the painstaking effort of making my own! I "almost" gave up on it half way through. But after facing countless obstacles trying to flesh out the background processes, I finally have something that's fully functional.

In addition to this huge update, I've also made several other bugfixes and some optimizations to give the game that extra bit of polish. If you haven't played the demo yet, now's the time to try it out!

Thanks for all your support!


Asylum - Secret of Caledria - Demo v1.0.0.rar 108 MB
May 20, 2018

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Hello! I am creating an RPG as well but I am also looking for inspiration. I have the storyline set up and I feel like I do a better job with the music than anything else but I am trying to build it from scratch. I would love to play your demo and give feedback, but when I try to click on Demov1.0.0.rar, it is not a link. Where can I find the link to download it? Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon!

I've removed previous versions of the demo since I'm working on a new one. There are still some things I need to work out before I upload it. Thanks for your interest. :)