New Update! (0.8.0)

New Update!

Hey everyone!

I've just updated the demo with some pretty significant changes. I'm very close to reaching a stable point in development. It'll be nice when I don't have to worry about the small details that go into polishing all these systems and mechanics. Things are fleshed out pretty well and I'm happy with the way everything is going.

There is one thing I'm considering though... I was thinking about adding a One-on-one battle system of some sort. As it stands, I'll be presenting these kind of battles as a quick Mini-game. But I think transitioning to an alternate battle system JUST for these battles might not be a bad idea. I spent this morning testing out a system similar to Legend of Legaia. If you've played it, you'll know that the Battle System was pretty damn unique back in the day. It was very enjoyable. Now, if I can bring that concept to RPG Maker (which I pretty much already have), then I may take this more seriously. Anyway, it's just a thought for now.

Now... The Change Log. I'll list everything below, but you should know that the most notable change is the extension to the demo. I now have some new monsters, a new boss, a new area to explore, and a new cutscene that introduces a new character. However, this portion of the demo is experimental at the moment. If you'd like to play the game with the extended demo, please reach out to me to find out how to activate it in-game.

Newly Added

  • Party Chat has been replaced with "Camp". Now you can set up Camp on the world map and interact with your party members as if they were NPCs.
  • Option for Keyboard and Gamepad configurations.
  • Option for Battle Speed configurations.
  • New Battle Transition visuals.
  • New item that allows for battles to be skipped while still earning EXP and AP. (Item is not available in the demo)
  • New Targeting mechanic that allows you to toggle between single and multiple targets when using single targeting spells.
  • Solving puzzles now provides additional bonuses such as EXP and AP.
  • You can now choose to solve Puzzles instantly and skip Mini-games at the cost of losing the rewards you would have obtained.


  • More citizen shops have been placed.
  • Several changes to item and equipment costs for better balancing.
  • Increased the probability of enemy drops.
  • Changes to EP costs of some skills.
  • Swapped some sprites for some added ethnic and gender diversity.
  • Decreased the requirements for Skill Level ups
  • Decreased the requirements for Crafting items.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed "Rapid fire" bug that allowed you to spam the use of tools without any delay between uses.
  • Fixed "Item" bug that caused items to be disabled in battle.
  • Fixed "Approach" bug where enemies still approached the player during battle transitions.
  • Fixed "Line of Sight" bug where enemies could see the player through large objects like trees and walls.

Annnnd I think that's it? Maybe? Geez... This took a lot of work. I might take a break from this for a little while after this update. Hope you guys enjoy it! Again, if you want to play the extended demo, please reach out to me for the in-game code. I can be reached on's Discord server immediately. Otherwise, you can send an email, or leave a comment on my YouTube trailer video.

Thanks for all the support everyone! All the best!


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Mar 11, 2018

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